Cheapest Wedding Cake - Fake Bake

£10 Fake Bake - Sainsbury's 2-tier Carrot Wedding Cake

£10 Fake Bake - Sainsbury's 2-tier Carrot Wedding Cake

Our fake bakes have now got a new home -!

Moving my beloved Fake Bake series to my children's baking books website makes the most sense. It's an activity I love doing with my six year old boy, X-Ray. Of course, we love baking and cooking from scratch together, but when I'm feeling lazy and tired, a bit of fake bake fun is a welcome change.

A few weeks ago, we decided on a carrot cake fake bake from Sainsbury's. X-Ray wanted it to be like a wedding cake - a cake with multiple levels (aka tiers). As much as I love a challenge, making a 2-tier wedding cake seemed like a stretch on a £10 budget. Our £10 budget didn't really go very far in the shop either.

£10 Sainsbury's fake bake ingredients

But I think we pulled it off!

Sainsbury's Fake Bake - Carrot Wedding Cake

So much so, that I posted the finished result on my bakery Instagram page, asking followers how much they'd pay for the cake (pretending it's a new and exclusive design). Even the harshest of critics suggested £80! Hah!

Here's how we fake baked it!


2x Ready-made carrot cakes

1 tub of cream cheese style frosting

2x mini Lindt chocolate bunnies

Sugar carrot cake decorations


1. Smear a dollop of frosting on a plate or cake board to secure one of the cakes on. Pick off the walnuts and reserve. Smooth frosting over the top and sides with a palette knife and scraper.

Sainsburys Fake Bake - Smooth Frosting

 2. Use a cookie cutter to cut out the top tier and place on top of the bottom tier. Cover the top and sides with buttercream using the palette knife and scraper. Crumble the cake off cuts and sprinkle along the base of the tiers.

Sainsburys Fake Bake - Two Tiers
3. Reserve some cake crumbs aside. Knead the rest of the cake crumbs into a smooth cake pop mixture. Roll into small truffle-sized balls. Coat the balls in the reserved crumbs to make carrot cake truffles. Use the truffles, chocolate bunnies, sugar carrot decorations and reserved walnuts to decorate the cake.
Sainsbury's Fake Bake - Carrot Cake Truffles
Et voila! We've just made the world's cheapest tiered wedding cake! 
Sainsbury's Fake Bake - Carrot Wedding Cake
I think this Sainsbury's fake bake is a triumph! We could literally close up shop and sell these £10 fake bakes for £80...
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Fake bake love,
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