Book Reading - Santa Claus and his Gingerbread Friends at the Blue Bear Bookshop

Book Reading - Santa Claus and his Gingerbread Friends at the Blue Bear Bookshop

Book Reading - Santa Claus and his Gingerbread Friends at the Blue Bear Bookshop

To kick off the festive season, we had our first book reading event at the beautiful Blue Bear Bookshop in Farnham, Surrey.

StoryBakes Books at Blue Bear Bookshop Farnham

The event was based on our sweet seasonal storybake book - Santa Claus and his Gingerbread Friends.

Childrens Book Reading Workshop

It wasn't just any old reading though. Our book events are different to the usual. It's FULLY INTERACTIVE!

We read story together. And the story goes as follows...

Santa Claus works really hard all year round, with his team of talented elves, making the gifts and toys for children. After long days building and making at the toy factory in the North Pole, Santa goes home to rest...all alone.

Xavier and his merry gang of baking buddies were very excited about Christmas Day, but also a bit concerned for Santa's loneliness. So they decided to bake some gingerbread men friends for him!

The story takes us across beautiful landmarks of the world along the gingerbread men's travels, and also across the seasons. And during it, we learn to make the delicious gingerbread men.

Childrens Book Reading Event -  Santa Claus and his Gingerbread Friends

This was our very first reading event at the Blue Bear Bookshop in Surrey and the tickets were SOLD OUT within 24 hours. After reading the story, the children all got involved in making the recipe.

StoryBakes Baking Event

We measured the ingredients including flour, sugar, syrup and spices. We then mixed them together and kneaded it till we got the dough ready. 

Decorating Stations

Each child had their own baking station prepped with cookie cutters, rolling pins, sprinkles and icing. Once they rolled out their doughballs and cut out the gingerbread men, we baked them.

Childrens Book Event - Decorating Station

The kids then decorated gingerbread men with icing, sprinkles and chocolate chips - the most fun bit! 

Childrens Book Event - Decorating

Throughout the event I had my little sous-chef assisting me, my 6 year old son, Xavier, who is the inspiration behind StoryBakes. It was a lovely event and I hope to see many more budding bakers at our next event! 

Childrens Book Event - Blue Bear Bookshop Farnham Surrey

If you'd like to see us near you, please do let us know. We'd be happy to hear from book shops, garden centres and farm shops for StoryBakes events.

Wishing you a very happy new year,