School Author Visits

StoryBakes Interactive Author Visits for Surrey’s Young Minds

Dive into a world where imagination meets the art of baking with StoryBakes, crafted by the wonderfully creative Reshmi Bennett.

Perfect for special events such as World Book Day, local Surrey festivals, and as a fun addition to the school curriculum, these sessions are tailored for EYFS, Year 1, and Year 2 pupils in Surrey.

Through StoryBakes, Reshmi Bennett brings a unique blend of engaging storytelling and the delight of baking, offering a multisensory learning journey.

Each session includes:

1. Introduction

2. Storytelling using a PowerPoint presentation

3. A baked treat from the book for each child

4. 10% discount on all pre-orders of books

5. Book signing

6. Colouring recipe sheets

Special Rates for Surrey Schools:

  • Half-Day (up to 3 sessions): Starting at £200
  • Full-Day (up to 6 sessions): Starting at £300

Ready to bring StoryBakes to your school?

Contact Reshmi at: and book an unforgettable StoryBakes author visit today!