Reshmi Bennett - Trevor Adams Photography

Image: Trevor Adams Photography

Reshmi Bennett's writing journey has had more twists and turns than a pretzel at a yoga class.

Born and raised in Kuwait, of Asian heritage, she moved to London to study Economics and Statistics at UCL. This was followed by her very predictable career move into investment banking.

She then dumped the spreadsheets, and sharpened her knives to train as a chef in Paris at Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi, working in Michelin-starred restaurants (she relates more to Ratatouille-Remy than Julia Child).

Upon her return to the UK, she established one of London's best bakeries as featured in the BBC, Vogue, The Times, TimeOut, Forbes, and the Evening Standard - Anges de Sucre.

But Reshmi's story doesn't stop there. With over a decade as a writer, she blended her skills seamlessly, creating blogs, recipes and stories that could charm the grumpiest of trolls.

Enter motherhood and StoryBakes. Whilst during the day Reshmi still works in her bakery making delicious cakes, in her spare time she loves goofing around in the kitchen with her young son, Xavier, whose love of baking has inspired her series of much-loved books.

Reshmi's books have been featured across major press such as the BBC, Daily Mail, and the Times. She isn't just a chef or a writer; she's a poetic patissiere if you may, baking her way into bellies and bookshelves alike.