Willow and Hugo's Winning Victoria Sponge Cake (AV)


King Lutton of Doughland was a mean and nasty king. He'd horde all the cheese in the land, tax everyone senselessly, and cheat in the annual Cake-Off to win the prize, a sack of gold, every year.

Willow and Hugo, living in their poor granny's stick hut, are desperate to win the Cake-Off this year. Could they win the sack of gold with their Victoria Sponge, changing their fortunes against all odds?

Join in this fun and interactive story with your little ones at bedtime and watch them get excited to bake. This recipe is based on our best-selling famed Hero Sponge from Anges de Sucre and it's perfect for grown-ups too.

The recipe contains egg and wheat but can be made dairy-free with simple substitutes. You can also have fun by getting creative with your decorations. Just make sure to be wary around knives and heat sources (adult supervision is required). 

Reading age: 2-7 years

Print length: 24 pages

Language: English

Grade level: Pre-school - 2

Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm x 3mm