Santa Claus and his Gingerbread Friends


What do you think Santa Claus does after a long day with the elves at the North Pole Toy Factory? Well, he goes back home, all alone and lonely in his cottage.

Xavier and his merry gang of baking buddies have a sound plan to sort Santa's loneliness out - a gang of gingerbread friends to keep him company on his time off and travels!

Join in this fun and interactive adventure story, and bake delicious gingerbread men to delight the whole family. The easy-peasy recipe is a doddle for toddler bakers and a wholesome activity to do together.

The recipe is egg-free and plant-based for everyone to enjoy.


Reading age: 2-7 years

Print length: 24 pages

Language: English

Grade level: Pre-school - 2

Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm x 3mm