Olivia and her Lovely Lemon Loaves


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

Olivia's entrepreneurial spirit made the most of her lemons when she set up a lemonade stand. But would her zest be dampened by the weather when it takes a turn?

Join in this sweet and interactive story for the whole family, followed by baking delicious lemon loaves together! The steps of the recipe are simple, fool-proof, and little toddler bakers will feel completely engaged in the process of procuring, measuring, mixing and finally baking beautiful lemon loaves, making it a wholesome family activity.

Our lemon loaf recipe is egg-free and can be easily adapted to be vegan and plant-based too. 

Reading age: 2-7 years

Print length: 24 pages

Language: English

Grade level: Pre-school - 2

Dimensions: 210mm x 210mm x 3mm